LMNT Gold Glitter Universal Cell Phone Ring Stand

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This decorative gold glitter universal mobile phone ring stand is compatible with all major smart phone and tablet brands. It easily adheres to the back of your device. The ring rotates 180 degrees making it easy to get the right grip so that you can take the perfect selfie. It also doubles as a kick stand, which is convenient for watching movies, social media use and anything else you might want to do on your phone.


  • A perfect fit for your iPhone® or smartphone – works with all major brands, tablets too
  • Delightfully decorative – unique gold glitter makes this a fashionable accessory
  • Ultra-lightweight and slim
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Durable construction
  • Strong, safe adhesive backing
  • Great for taking selfies, watching movies and more


  • Item size: 0.11” length x 1.3” wide x 1.5” height
  • Glitter infused hard plastic base
  • Durable metal ring
  • 3M high quality adhesive pad
  • Item weight: 0.3oz