Funderdome Neon Moon Light

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It’s a scientific fact that lunar phases chance in cycle as the Moon orbits the Earth. When you take into account the position of the sun and the Earth, this can cause the moon to look crescent shaped when between phases. Normally you’d want a big expensive telescope to really take all of this in, but here at Funderdome we help you take the easy way out. No telescope needed, just a USB port to power this up and that’s it. Your very own crescent moon to enjoy over and over again. 

  • Specifications: Base size: 3.9” diameter, 2.4” height
  • Base weight: 3.4oz
  • Neon size: 0.9” L x 5.9” H x 5.2” W
  • Neon weight: 1.4oz
  • Neon purple crescent moon shape
  • USB operated

For indoor use only


  • Includes USB cable
  • On/Off switch to save battery life


  • Perfect for dorm rooms, apartments or houses of any shape and size
  • Also works as a night light
  • Use it as a desk lamp or as decoration
  • A great way to accent hang out time with family and friends
  • Ideal for parties, celebrations and other events