Welcome The Newest Edition To The Laboratory 29 Family

Elements Of Order - The newest edition to the Laboratory 29 family might seem to be completely new but it’s been in the works for much longer than it might seem.

This line of desktop organizers took well over a year to develop and went through multiple rounds of testing and sampling before we felt the items were perfect. These are available in all wood bamboo construction with a few different color options, with USB charging. They’re also available in durable, stylish, translucent, colored acrylic options with QI certified wireless charging functionality.

This first line of desktop organizers is the perfect way to keep your mobile devices charged and at the ready while at the same time eliminating the unsightly clutter that just stems as a result of daily life. These have undergone rigorous testing to ensure rock solid quality, while the aesthetics of the design work that we put into this line ensure that they’re also just genuinely cool looking.

There’s a lot more in the works for Elements Of Order, in fact, we’ve really just scratched the surface. We’re excited about all of the potential here and feel really good about where this brand is poised to take us in the coming months.