The Possibilities of Fun Are Limitless

Funderdome is our novelty line, and as you might guess from the name, the emphasis here is on fun. And fun is what ties the line together. At its core, Funderdome is a novelty brand but we’re able to differentiate what we do under Funderdome from other novelty brands in a few ways.

Not only are the products different from what is already out there, but the packaging and design work is also completely unique. The Funderdome line has grown in only five short years to include our own quirky, custom air fresheners, a line of LED accented drinkware (because “drinks that blink don’t stink!”), a host of custom neon light stands, a range of admittedly really awesome (and, if we do say so ourselves, very funny) custom designed snow globes, inflatable drink holders, a few different drinking games, a line of retro-style mini arcade games, cute sculpted resin phone holders, ‘magic 8 ball’ items and even a collection of furry, fuzzy animal inspired drink holders.

We’ve even made a series of themed puzzle cubes and a flying hover-ball under the Funderdome brand. The possibilities here are limitless and there’s no end in sight.