Tech Accessories For The More Fashion-Conscious Consumer.

LMNT is a line of tech accessories for the more fashion-conscious consumer. Its origins go back over half a decade to 2013 where we started with a line of custom designed printed phone cases. With an emphasis on attractive, trend-setting design work, the brand proved quite popular, quickly gaining traction and placement at retailers large and small. Since then, the line has grown to include many different styles of printed earphones, plush and custom molded Bluetooth headphones, and even fashionable car chargers (an unlikely candidate for a makeover maybe, but we did it!).

During that same time period, we’ve never once lost focus on the phone cases that helped bring LMNT to the forefront of the phone case market. In addition to the prints that we started with, we’ve experimented with different finishes, materials and molds and in the last year put a big focus on making some truly beautiful cases using actual pressed flowers – each individual case slightly different than the next thanks to the flowers’ own individuality!

The LMNT line has also grown to include ring stands, screen protectors and even custom printed disposable 35mm film cameras. LMNT is always on trend.