Colorful Tacos, Cute Sloths, Llama Lights And More

Brooklyn Lighting Company was created in 2016 to fill what we felt was a need for high-quality string and wire light items, and the response so far has exceeded our wildest expectations.

While there are plenty of other companies putting string and wire light items out in the market, ours are always completely custom made and unique to our brand alone. With our in-house design and development teams constantly checking in on the latest trends, we have, in only a few short years, built a line of lighting items that we take a lot of pride in.

Our wire lights range from simple copper wires with warm, white LED bulbs to more novel ideas like full-color taco lights or cute sloth and llama lights, while our string lights include photo clips, adorable cats and dogs, hamsa hands and a whole lot more.

Additionally, Brooklyn Lighting Company offers a wide range of lightbox products (in plenty of different shapes and with different functionality) and accompanying accessory tile packs that are great for any occasion. We’ve made a lot of different Brooklyn Lighting Products since starting the line, and we don’t intend to stop any time soon!